Economic Importance of Cyanobacteria

Economic importance of Cyanobacteria 

  1. They help in Reclamation of alkaline soil.
  2. Cyanobacteria have heterocysts.These heterocysts are involved in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.
  3. Osicllatoria and few other cyanobacteria are used as pollution indicator.
  4. They form symbiotic association with protozoa fungi and plants.The nitrogen fixation species form association with angiosperms.They are the photosynthetic partner in most of lichen association.
  5. Many species of cyanobacteria form water blooms.It produces unpleasant smell.A large amount of organic matter is suspended in water makes water unfit for drinking.
  6. They release Oxygen in Environment during their photosynthetic activity.
  7. Some species of cyanobacteria form toxin in waare.This toxin kill the animals which drink this water.
  8. Super blue green algae form excessive scum.These are single celled cyanobacteria.They produce food by photosynthesis.The blue green algae are complete whole contain 60% proteins.This protein has all essential amino acids for perfect balance of man.
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